Ineke Scheffers

Medior Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Spotify Jukebox:
A central jukebox app for parties

Composing the perfect playlist for your party can be pretty stressful. Letting your friends hijack the Sonos every time they want to play 'their' song, even more. No more! With this webapp you can log in to your Spotify, choose an existing playlist or start a brand new one, play it and let your friends add songs to it remotely, without stopping the current song.

Because your device is the jukebox, your friends don't have to log in to search through the Spotify library and add songs remotely. Also, you can stop their adding any time by just stopping the jukebox. Of course, your playlist stays accessible for a new session and in your Spotify. The code is on Github!

Tech: NodeJS, Webpack, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Pug, Sass, Css3, Bootstrap and Spotify API.

Don't Leave Me Hanging:
A webapp that lets you high five without borders

Nobody wants to be left hanging when they’re hollaing for a high five. With this app you’re not dependent on people in the same room anymore. ‘Cause fuck’em. Now, the whole world can give you some love.

With this app you can ask for a high five by clicking the 'Don't leave me hanging'-button or, when somebody else in the world is hanging, give one with 'Give some love'. When a hanging high five is slapped you get to see who gave you some love and where the high five is coming from. In your profile you keep track of all the high fives you gave and received. You can take a look at the code on Github.

Tech: NodeJS, Webpack, JavaScript, jQuery, Pug, Sass, Css3, Materialize, Photoshop and Google Maps API.

Full-Stack JavaScript Development Course:
NYCDA assignments

Graduated the NYCDA programme with a score of 10 out of 10, I was able to enter the workforce as a Junior Full-Stack Developer at the beginning of 2017. With competency in: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Pug, NodeJS, AJAX, postgreSQL, Sequelize, Bootstrap, Materialize, Git, Github, Sass, API's and Webpack. Today I work as a Medior Full-Stack developer at the ANWB.

I've built this portfolio in the first week of the course. For more examples of my work during this course you can take a look at my NYCDA individual assignments Github repo. Also, check out the code of the start of my new Girl Code website and my User Information app.

Girl Code:
A meetup group

Professional coders aren’t necessarily male. That is what I see as an undeniable fact, but also as a statement I want to enforce in the real world. That's why I founded Girl Code, which I run with Katja Hollaar and Kristin Rieping. We organize meetups and workshops and give talks and demos, to inspire women to get into code or stay in code and raise awareness for the gender gap in the developer world. Boys are welcome too!

Why I like you:
A Valentine's day app

An Android app I've built with Meteor, with little to no coding experience, for Valentine's day 2016. Every time you click the heart-shaped button it generates a reason why "I like you". You can check out the code on Github, 'cause I put it there for future lols.

Shoot and pop:
A balloon game

This is the balloon game I built during a Taste of Code day at Codaisseur, before I learned coding. This game isn't hosted online, but you can find the code of the game and the step by step assignment on my Github.

An IOT fitness app

In 2015 I participated in a two day hackathon at Q42. For this hackathon I pitched Hooli: an IOT connected hula hoop. 'Cause, working out is boring, especially on your own. But what if your phone nudges you when your friends are beating you on their connected hula hoops? Right, you jump up and get hula hooping! Since, this hackathon was a year before I really started coding, I was mainly busy with the hardware: soldering the Arduino board to the accelerator and building the hula hoop itself. During the hackathon I posted our progress on Instagram and Twitter.

My blog:
A collection of blogposts

This Wordpress blog is a portfolio of all the blogposts I wrote and write professionally. Before I started coding, I wrote blogposts for Masters of Media, Merge Media and Q42. As Girl Code is alive and kicking: I'm still writing for Girl Code.